Bethany Baptist Church
3417 Rolesville Road
Wendell, NC 27591
(919) 266-3273
  Pastor: Phillip Brantley
Youth Pastor: Christian M. Bonham
Music Minister: Mrs Serena Pearce
Pianist: Mrs Marsha Duke
First Place Testimonials
Many of the ladies at Bethany have gone through the First Place program at least once. Some learn the basics that they need for healthy living the 1st time, and some keep coming back for the wonderful bible studies (all related to aspects of improving ones spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being) and continuing education and support for healthy living.

Listed below are some testimonials from ladies who have benefited from the program.

Allison Hicks:   "I joined First Place about 5 months after Olivia was born to lose my last 15 pounds of baby weight. I was very pleased with how good I felt physically and mentally while in First Place. If I followed the eating plan accurately, I was not hungry very much at all. I did reach my goal weight, and it's actually stayed that way (give or take a few pounds) since last spring. It made me look at food differently and watch what I'm eating. Now that I know how many calories and fat things have, I can make better choices (most of the time!). I support First Place all the way. I have never lost weight and kept it off until I tried the plan. Not to mention the Bible study part. I really liked keeping God's Word fresh in my mind every day. The weekly verses helped motivate me to continue the program. The exercise part of the program was very important. The weight didn't come off as easily until I exercised regularly. Even now, I notice when I stop exercising, the weight creeps back - no matter how good I eat!"

Camille Stell:   "First Place is a program that works on your heart - both in terms of health and spiritual growth. During my years in First Place, I've lost weight and maintained that loss for a significant period of time, as well as lowered my cholesterol without medication using my knowledge of healthy food choices and exercise. Benefiting from the discipline of first place and the accountability the group provides, I've learned what it means to spend time letting the scriptures speak to me, journaling my prayer life and communicating with God. I've grown more in my daily walk with Christ through the First Place program than in any efforts on my own. If your heart needs a check-up - health wise or spiritually, I'd encourage you to join First Place."

Jennifer Kemp:   "First Place has taught me the basics of healthy eating, the foundation for losing weight. By eating healthy foods and healthy portions of food and walking at least 30 minutes EVERY day, I have lost 30 lbs and have kept them off for nearly six months.
    I know how to make better choices when I do my grocery shopping, when I prepare my lunches for work and when I eat out. And when I do cook at home, I know which foods are healthier and how to prepare them so that they taste better than unhealthy foods. I know that I feel less stress and have more energy as a result of my new healthy lifestyle. And I can go shopping without dreading the dressing room event. For the first time ever, I have taken clothes bought last summer to the tailor to have the seams TAKEN IN! My last doctor’s visit did not include a lecture about losing weight; in fact, he had no idea that I had lost 30 lbs and had NOTHING to say about my weight. Not since the births of my girls has a doctor’s visit not included a lecture about my weight.
    I incorporated prayer in my daily walks for the first seven months. Walking outside seemed to bring me right next to God and my prayer life has never been stronger. I have since started using a treadmill and spend the time reading. The books I most frequently choose to read are by Christian authors and they, also, bring me closer to God.
    First Place provided me with the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and a closer walk with God."

Diane Henderson:   "I LOVE First Place and keep coming back for every session since joining! My initial reason for coming to 1st Place was to "lose a few pounds", but I quickly learned that this program is about so much more than that. The main focus is to put God "1st Place" by following the nine commitments. This is enforced in the program by using "accountability" as a tool. Daily, you record your progress on the commitments and are held accountible by turning in a weekly "Commitment Record". It requires discipline but for those that follow the program faithfully, the benefits FAR outweigh the cost.
The Bible Studies offered in the 1st Place program are EXCELLENT, and all related to various aspects of living a well balanced life. The length of the lessons is just right for daily study, and the informal group sessions are a great time to reflect on and discuss each weeks lessons.
I would encourage anyone who has never been through the program to come and see what it's all about!"