Bethany Baptist Church
3417 Rolesville Road
Wendell, NC 27591
(919) 266-3273
  Pastor: Phillip Brantley
Youth Pastor: Christian M. Bonham
Music Minister: Mrs Serena Pearce
Pianist: Mrs Marsha Duke
Wednesday Night Bible Studies

There are groups for all ages, groups meet starting at 7pm!
For preschoolers (age 3.5 - Kindergarten): - Cherub Choir practice!
Join us for practice and occasional presentation in church!

For elementary (grades 1-5): - "TruKids"!
A time of bible study and games.

For the youth (grades 6-12):
- "TruSons" and "Girls of Grace" (Teen Bible Study)
This is small group Bible studies where you can gather among friends and grow deeper in your walks with God while challenging each other along the way. These groups are focused on YOU and the Bible, not sitting and listening!
The current series is "The Just LifeL Justice & Love", and focuses on the Just charcter of God and how it matters in this life.

For the adults:

  • Adult Bible Studies:  
    The women & men will have separate Bible Studies starting on Wednesday Jan 15 and going for 7 weeks. Even if you've missed the beginning, one lesson does not necessarily build on the next, so feel free to join us an ANY Wednesday evening!

    The LADIES will meet in the sanctuary (1st few rows on the piano side) from 6:55-7:48 (ladies needing childcare, the children's leaders will be in place by about 6:50 to give ample time for those attending the study. We hope to be seated at 6:55 and "IN THE STUDY" by 7! The study will be "BRAVE: Honest Questions Women Ask", and there will be a different woman Bible leader for each of the 7 weeks. Our book is by Angela Thomas who lives in North Carolina with her husband, 4 children, and two crazy dogs. She is a graduate of Carolina and Dallas Theological Seminary. For over 25 years, Angela has been leading Bible studies to thousands of women across the U.S.A. and around the world every year.
    * Please sign up in the foyer!!
    (books are $12 please see Serena to pay cash or check made payable to Bethany Baptist Church).

    The MEN are invited to join Pastor Phil for a new series titled “Fight; Winning the Battles That Matter Most” taken from Pastor Craig Groeschel's study on the life of Sampson. Through Sampson’s story we will learn how to defeat the demons that make strong men weak by maintaining the heart of a biblical warrior. The men's study will be offered on two nights to give you some flexibility in your busy schedules.
        (1) Wednesday nights 7:00-7:50pm beginning January 15
        (2) Sunday nights 6:00-6:50pm beginning January 19


  • Adult Choir Practice - 7:50-9pm yearround